Making Every Step Count


Steps & Other Ways To Move

STEPtember is all about moving in a way that works for you, which means it’s much more than putting one foot in front of the other.

Here are just some of the activities that you can convert to steps on the STEPtember site or app. At some point each day, record how much time you’ve spent doing an activity — and how intensely you worked — and the site or app will automatically convert it for you.

Some sample step equivalents:

Cycling: 6,327 steps
Swimming: 6,048 steps
Manual Wheelchair: 6,000 steps
Yoga: 4,060 steps
Pilates: 4,160 steps
Rugby: 6,560 steps
Waterskiing: 4,920 steps
Crossfit: 6,754 steps
Golfing: 4,985 steps
Boccia: 6,000 steps
Tennis: 4,985 steps
Tai Chi: 4,060 steps
Basketball: 5,106 steps
Soccer: 5,960 steps
Surfing: 5,118 steps
Zumba: 6,825 steps
Ultimate Frisbee: 4,985 steps
Cricket: 4,960 steps
Gardening: 1,000 steps