Making Every Step Count



When does STEPtember 2019 start and end?
STEPtember starts on Tuesday, September 3rd and ends at midnight on Monday, September 30th.

When does registration open?
Registration is now open. You can register by visiting this page.

When will I receive my STEPtember kit? What does it include?
We’ll send STEPtember kits starting in August to each member mailing address each member provided during registration. Each team member will receive their own pack, and every kit contains a pedometer and a step-by-step campaign guide.

I’ve forgotten my login details to the STEPtember website. How do I login?
Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page. You’ll be prompted to fill out the email address you registered with, and then you’ll receive an email with a link to a webpage where you can set a new password.

I've registered, but I’m having trouble logging in. What do I do?
If you can't remember what password you chose, click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page. You’ll be prompted to fill out the email address you registered with, and then you’ll receive an email with a link to a webpage where you can set a new password.

How do I form a team?
We welcome teams of up to four people each. Get together with your favorite friends, colleagues, and family members and choose a Team Leader. That person will register the team on the website, which requires all team members’ names and email addresses. Remaining team members will each receive an invite from the STEPtember website to complete their own registration and join the team.

What is a Team Leader?
Each Team Leader is in charge of registering your team as a whole on the website (you complete your individual registrations on your own). They also manage the administration for the team.

How do I join a team?
Your Team Leader will enter your info during the team registration process, so wait for your invite to land in your inbox. Once you get it, click on the link within and complete your personal registration. If you don't receive your invite, check your spam filter and make sure to add as a contact.

Can more than one person be a Team Leader?
No. Each team has one (1) Team Leader and three (3) Team Members. If your Team Leader decides to leave your team, they can transfer leadership to another person by updating their email address and contact details. This person cannot already be a member of an existing team, meaning a your team will need to add a new member as leader. Any funds raised or steps logged by the original Team Leader will be transferred to the new Team Leader. 

Can people in different states and locations across the country take part in STEPtember?
Yes! Participants can be located anywhere in the United States — they just need to have internet access to enter in their daily steps/activity. We encourage national organizations to use this flexibility as a way to connect offices located in different states to each other through a common activity. It’s also a great way for family members and friends who live apart from each other to participate in an activity together. If you’re interested in international participation, please email

What happens if I hurt/injure myself or become ill and I’m unable to complete the event?
It’s up to you. You can continue to stay on the team and focus on fundraising for CP research. Or, if you prefer, the Team Leader can remove you from the team and invite a new member from the ‘My Team’ page.

My organization has pre-purchased teams and one of my team members is a child: do we get a discount?
Unfortunately not. All pre-purchased teams are at the fixed cost of $100 for four people, regardless of age.

What’s the benefit of registering my organization/school?
Registered organizations and schools can customize landing pages that their teams will be linked to. From your landing page, your teams can see how they're progressing compared to others within your organization or school. Groups can also set fundraising targets, and you’ll have an admin login to monitor teams and pull reports.

Do I have to pre-purchase teams if I want to register an organization/school?

How do I set up my organization/school?
Choose your organization/school's STEPtember Champion. They will be the main STEPtember contact and will be responsible for registering your organization/school and pre-purchasing your teams. They can register by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Today’ button on the homepage and following the prompts.

The organization/school I belong to has already paid for my team. How do I get started?
Your organization's STEPtember Champion received a registration code when they pre-purchased teams. Your Team Leader will need to contact this person for the code and then enter it when they register your team. By entering this code, your team will be linked to your organization/school and your Team Leader will not be asked for payment during the registration process.

How much does it cost to join STEPtember?
$25 for each adult and $10 for each kid.

Once you register, you’ll receive exclusive access to the STEPtember website. And we’ll send you your own STEPtember kit, which includes a high-quality pedometer to count your steps and a special STEPtember handbook. 

Are there tips on how to start fundraising?
Here are a few:

Give yourself a kick start! Your first donation should come from you. This will show your friends, family, and colleagues that raising money for CP research is important to you.

Just ask. Fundraising is a lot easier than you might think. Your friends and family are more likely to donate to a cause because you’ve asked them to. You’re already committed to making a difference and other people will be happy to join in with you.

Post on social media. Sharing fitness updates and posting photos of yourself moving is a great way to engage people you know. Tag friends and family in your posts when you ask for donations — and make sure you thank them when they support you!

Remind, remind, remind. It takes people an average of two to three reminders to donate. Keep this in mind if your network doesn’t donate right away. Don’t be shy — just send a friendly reminder or two.

How can I fundraise?
It’s totally up to you to get as creative as you want. Take it on as a solo mission or brainstorm with your team on the ways that will work for you to meet — or exceed! — your team fundraising goal for CP research. Everyone gets their own fundraising page to customize, too. Beyond chats, group emails, and posts, here are some standalone fundraising event ideas:

  • Trivia nights

  • Car washes

  • Bake sales

  • Parties with purpose

  • Casual days

  • Hat/cap days

  • Garage sales.

Do I have to fundraise with my team or can I do it on my own?
It’s your call. All funds raised by you and your team members will be combined to reach your team target.

How do I set a new fundraising target?
Your Team Leader can change the team fundraising target on the My Team page.

What do we do once our team reaches its fundraising target?
Keep up the good work! Your Team Leader can increase your team’s target at any time on the My Team page.

If my donor gives to my team through the website, will they receive a tax receipt?
Yes. We’ll email them a tax receipt immediately after they donate.

What’s an offline donation?
Offline donations are cash, checks, or other funds raised that aren’t through the STEPtember site.

How do I add my offline donations to my online total?
Use the “manage your donations” area on your Materials webpage to enter offline funds. Once Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation receives the funds, we’ll update your fundraising total. (You can find the Materials section by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the Menubutton on the top left of the screen.) 

How will donors get receipts for offline donations?
When you enter the offline donation, you’ll be prompted to enter your donor’s details. Once Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation receives the funds, we’ll email your donor a receipt. There’s a receipt template to keep track of your donor’s details and donation amount. It’s located on the Materials webpage.

What is a tax-deductible donation?
This refers to any donation that was not given in exchange for goods or services. Please note that the money you use to buy items for any fundraising events you may hold aren’t tax deductible.

Do I have to wait for STEPtember to begin before I start fundraising?
Nope! You can start fundraising as soon as you register. Getting a head start is always great.

Is the STEPtember website secure?
Yes. The STEPtember website uses SSL technology to encrypt your personal data when it’s transferred from your browser to the website. Our servers are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant and protect your personal details. We never store any credit card details on our servers.

What else can our organization do to make STEPtember  the best it can possibly be for our staff?
We encourage organizations to get deeply involved, and there are lots of things you can do at an organizational level to engage and support your employees. Some possible options include:

  • Holding STEPtember launch parties at the start and end of STEPtember.

  • Holding competitions and/or providing additional incentives for your teams.

  • Starting a lunchtime walking program,

  • Using your newsletters to update the whole organization on team progress.

When do I wear my pedometer?
You should wear it all the time! Only take it off when you're going to bed or if you’ll be in water, since it isn't waterproof). Something to keep in mind, though: some activities — like cycling or yoga — will generate a false reading, so we suggest you remove it and record the activity and duration on the website calculator instead. This way, you know you’ll get an accurate step count. 

I do other physical activities apart from walking. Can they count towards my step total?
Yes! STEPtember isn’t just about walking — it’s about moving in the way that works for you. We encourage you to do any activity you enjoy, and we’ve created a table that converts more than 40 activities into steps. Simply select your alternative activity when you record your steps online.

I can’t see my activity on the conversion table — does that mean it doesn’t count?
Not necessarily. We’ve done our best to convert as many activities as possible, but it's impossible to include everything. If your activity isn’t represented on the table, pick something that’s similar to it. Also, feel free to email one of our friendly STEPtember team members and we’ll work to have your activity added to next year’s list.

Can I buy an extra pedometer if I lose or break both of mine?
If you need an extra pedometer please contact the STEPtember team.

Will I ever need to replace the battery in my pedometer?
You shouldn’t need to replace the battery during STEPtember — they’re built to last for the duration of the event. But the battery will run out at some point in the future. When that happens, just follow the replacement instructions that came with your pedometer.

Do I have to enter my steps every day?
We recommend that you enter steps every day so you can visualize your progress.

Can anyone else see my step entries?
Yes. Your team members can see your individual steps, though the general public will only see your team’s total count.

Can I only enter my steps via the STEPtember website or is there another way?
You can also enter your steps on a smartphone via the STEPtember app.