Cheryl Lindo

STEPtember 2020

I'm moving CP research forward.

I’m taking part in the STEPtember challenge to raise funds and awareness for cerebral palsy research. I’ll be taking the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day for 28 days from September 1 – 28.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common childhood-onset physical disability in the world. It’s a lifelong condition, and one in 323 babies is diagnosed with CP each year. Estimated related lifetime costs exceed $1.2 million per person.

Your generosity will accelerate groundbreaking research into this underfunded condition, and some of these vital research projects include:

  • Training medical teams to detect CP in babies as young as three months old, so they can get timely physical therapy.
  • Uncovering new chronic pain treatments and solutions for people with CP.
  • Developing technology that will revolutionize communication for the millions of people with CP who can’t speak.

Please help me support this great cause by making a donation. I’ll know you’ve got my back. And that will mean so much to me — and to everyone with CP.


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Thank you to my sponsors

11 Sep 2020

Stephen Lindo Donated $258.75

For Uncle Claude
01 Sep 2020

Michael Lindo Donated $258.75

Thanks for doing this and so very proud of you to remember others who need our help.
02 Sep 2020

Jasmine Stephenson, Ph.d Donated $207.00

Your good work has become very noticeable "September", Move together for cerebral palsy. Continue with your diligent and needed service.
10 Sep 2020

Cheryl's Favorite Sibling Donated $51.75

Woohoo */* great job Cher xo4u
10 Sep 2020

Aunt Cheryl's Tallest Nephew Donated $36.77

13 Sep 2020

Aunt Cheryl's Favorite Nephew Donated $36.23

01 Sep 2020

Jinx J Lindo Donated $36.23

Awesome.. good cause!!
10 Sep 2020

Cheryl's Favorite Brother-in-law Donated $36.23

Great job!!
02 Sep 2020

Isaac Stephenson Donated $35.00

Friend of Dr. Jasmine Stephenson, wish i could do more.
03 Sep 2020

Big Sis & Fam Donated $28.98

02 Sep 2020

Meagan Brown Donated $5.18