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Almost there!

29 Sep 2020
This is the last day of STEPtember and I have decided to keep up my efforts through Yom Kippur to help finish on a strong note! I am very thankful for all the support friends and family have shown thus far. I have walked over 330km this month and raised $460 thanks to your generosity!

Happy trails! (ˆ˚ˆ)

05 Sep 2020
It was sadly overcast again for my evening walk but thankfully there are lots of little trails in Fryent park that take cover under the trees like this one here. Can you smell the wet grass? I managed to trod along for 15,964 steps today! :) I didn't get any good pictures yesterday because of the rain but did complete 13,845 steps! I plan to take at least 10,000 steps a day and 10 extra steps on top of that for every dollar raised. I have been keeping to it so far but hope you will make it harder for me!

❤◦✿ Home, sweet home!✿◦❤

03 Sep 2020
Sadly this evening was quite overcast for my walk in Fryent Park and I had to finish in the rain. Nevertheless, in an effort to outdo the rest of my team, I managed to complete 15,591 steps for the day! The pictures of my walk turned out a little gloomy today so I thought I'd post a photo of my kitty welcoming me home instead to brighten your day! Look at that flooffy mug! (っ◕‿◕)っ

A walk in the park!

02 Sep 2020
Had a lovely walk this evening through Fryent Country Park. The weather was clement so I took full advantage to go explore after work! Good way to burn some of those dinner calories :) I plan on posting some of the nice spots I come across in the coming days and weeks so feel free to stop by anytime this month for some new scenic pics! P.S. 12972 steps to walk the perimeter, apparently

Thank you to my sponsors

02 Sep 2020

Charlotte Halpern Donated $72.45

Bravo Charles, Wishing you a wonderful Steptember full of energy !
02 Sep 2020

Fabienne Gerard Donated $72.45

allez charles !! balance la sauce !!!
29 Sep 2020

Michel Denis Donated $51.75

Bravo Charles pour tous ces pas ! Well done Daddy
02 Sep 2020

Marc Halpern Donated $51.75

Good luck with the challenge and well done so far! Happy to contribute to this great cause.
02 Sep 2020

Gaëlle Theillaud Donated $50.00

Bravo Charles, super idée!
14 Sep 2020

48-in-48 Match Donated $48.00

02 Sep 2020

Tuil Donated $46.58

Quelle belle idée! Trop fière ! Je te souhaite de belles découvertes, Lolo
07 Sep 2020

Andrew Et Marie-laurence Goulden Donated $41.40

03 Sep 2020

Jane Stonborough Donated $36.23

Very worthy cause. Well done Charles. Jane XX
04 Sep 2020

Facebook Donation Donated $30.39

29 Sep 2020

Sophie Halpern Donated $10.35

Congratulations Bro ! We are all proud of you
04 Sep 2020

Facebook Donation Donated $6.60

04 Sep 2020

Facebook Donation Donated $5.88