Making every step count


You’re already moving. Now you can make it count for something more — when you connect your movement with our movement.

Every day, we’re working for adults and kids with cerebral palsy. We’re researching ways to manage and treat CP, ways to prevent it, and — ultimately — to cure it.

Science is our engine. But so is hope. And so are you.

Those steps to your car or office. Those hours at the gym or in the pool or at yoga. That stroll with your friends. All that movement counts even more when you join a team a move with STEPtember.

How it works

We’ll meet you where you are. We welcome all abilities — whether you’re already active and want to keep your pace or up your game, or you’re taking your first steps toward being active.

Pedometer image next to a walking shoe

  1. Now

    Grab three friends and sign up your team.

  2. Sept 3rd

    Enter your steps daily and be entertained by the virtual journey you and your team will undertake.

  3. Sept 30th

    Feel great knowing that you have changed your own life for the better, as well as making a huge difference to children living with cerebral palsy.

  1. Then keep an eye on your mailbox. We’ll send pedometers your way — or you can use your own fitness tracker.

  2. Wait for your STEPtember pedometer and kit to arrive in the mail.

  3. Step it up!  From September 3rd to September 30th, focus on hitting 10,000 steps each day, and raising money for cerebral palsy research. 

Deliver on your Wellness Goals with one Initiative

STEPtember is customizable, turnkey and scalable to any industry or workplace. Pedometer, STEPtember smartphone app, website, customized organization leaderboard, and on-going support from STEPtember headquarters is all provided. Contact Glen Deutscher to find out how to get your company involved. 

jo TWO

Make an Impact with your Fundraising

Throughout STEPtember, participants have the incredible opportunity to raise money that will fund life-changing CP research projects.  After registering, you will have all the tools you need to be a successful fundraiser.  Whether you are fundraising with your company, or participating with your family, the STEPtember team will be with you every step of the way.

See fundraising tips  
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By supporting someone who is participating in Steptember, you are changing the lives of those living with cerebral palsy.  To date, 100% of everything raised through Steptember in the US has gone to cerebral palsy research. 

Support a friend