Camie Rodan

STEPtember 2022

I'm creating possibility for CP.

Did you know that Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common lifelong physical disability in the world? It affects 18 million people of all ages, with 1 in 323 babies diagnosed with CP every year. Even though it’s so common, CP doesn’t get the attention or funding it deserves. A lack of funding means a lack of possibility in the lives of those living with CP.

My son, Solomon, known to most as "Solly" was diagnosed with CP at 12 months old after he survived multiple strokes at birth. Due to the injuries he sustained from his strokes, doctors did not give him a good prognosis. However, thanks to therapy and medical interventions, technology, and lots of hard work, Solly is able to engage with his community and access and thrive in many environments. I want all children and adults with CP to have access to the latest and greatest interventions to help how they interact with the world - and help the world be more accessible for people with disabilities.

I’m taking the STEPtember challenge to raise funds for cerebral palsy research and innovation. I’ve set a daily movement goal for the month of September and all month long, I’m raising funds to support Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF).

Your generosity can have a huge impact: any contribution you make will make a difference. Your gift can support:

  • Technology that makes it possible for people with CP to move in ways — and accomplish things — that they never have before.
  • Research into new chronic pain treatments and solutions for people with CP.
  • Training to help medical teams to detect CP in babies as young as three months old, so children can get timely physical therapy.
  • Technology that makes it easier for people with CP to live their everyday lives right now.

Please help me support this great cause and people like Solly by making a donation. I’ll know you’ve got my back. And that will mean so much to me — and to everyone with CP.


Thank you!                          

Thank you to my sponsors


Camie Rodan