Expedition Empowered

STEPtember 2020

We’re moving CP research forward.

We’re taking part in the STEPtember challenge to raise funds and awareness for cerebral palsy research, taking the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day for 28 days from September 1 – 28.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common childhood-onset physical disability in the world. It’s a lifelong condition, and one in 323 babies is diagnosed with CP each year. Estimated related lifetime costs exceed $1.2 million per person.

Your generosity will accelerate groundbreaking research to treat, prevent, and ultimately cure this underfunded condition. Some of these vital research projects include:

  • Training medical teams to detect cerebral palsy in babies as young as three months old, so they can get timely physical therapy.
  • Uncovering new chronic pain treatments and solutions for millions of people with CP.
  • Developing technology that will revolutionize communication for the millions of people with CP who can’t speak.

Please help us support this great cause by making a donation.  We’ll know you’ve got our back. And that will mean so much to us — and to everyone with CP.


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Spencer Hadbavny $1,739


325,668 Steps

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Team Updates

Thank you to our sponsors

12 Aug 2020

Dawn & Todd Hadbavny Donated $258.75

You are such an inspiration Spencer! Love your motivated spirit to help others!!⭐️❤️
11 Aug 2020

Aunt Di Donated $155.25

This is AWESOME, Spencer!! Love everything about this & YOU!!❤️❤️
21 Sep 2020

Joan And Oliver Brown Donated $150.00

You are amazing Spencer!!! Keep up the good work!!! Much love to Hadbavney family xx
10 Aug 2020

Spencer Hadbavny Donated $103.99

23 Aug 2020

Nicole & Will Murphy Donated $103.50

So proud of you Spence! You are such an inspiration to us and everyone you meet.
24 Aug 2020

Tyler Hadbavny Donated $103.50

This is so amazing! Proud of you bud! How fitting for your birthday month. Get to steppin' ha!
28 Sep 2020

Dan Rini Donated $103.50

So proud of you for doing this Spencer! 👍🏻😊
14 Aug 2020

Joan Kendall Donated $103.50

22 Sep 2020

Cathy & Bill Pyle Donated $103.50

So proud of you, Spencer. You are an inspiration to all of us everyday. Lots of love❤️
11 Aug 2020

Kelsey Coleman Donated $72.45

Great job, Spence!!
17 Aug 2020

Jenna Hadbavny And Ben Vandertill Donated $62.10

Spence, we are SO incredibly proud and inspired by you everyday! Thank you for being such an amazing and courageous role model to look up to❤️
23 Aug 2020

Finch Amy Donated $51.75

Thank you!
24 Aug 2020

Jim And Katherine Donated $51.75

Way to go, Spencer! So proud of you!!
21 Sep 2020

Shelley Mcginley Donated $51.75

23 Aug 2020

Anonymous Donated $36.23

13 Sep 2020

Elizabeth Chavez Donated $36.23

You have such a big heart! You are a true inspiration Spencer!
15 Aug 2020

Dan Varga Donated $36.23

Good luck!
21 Sep 2020

Isabel Kosar Donated $36.23

21 Sep 2020

Carley & Timmy Porter Donated $36.23

02 Sep 2020

Alain Martinez Donated $36.23

22 Sep 2020

Rachel Price Donated $20.70

Thankful and inspired by your commitment to making the world a better place. You are amazing Spencer!
12 Aug 2020

Kelsey Lee Donated $15.53

Incredible goals for an incredible cause!
22 Sep 2020

Katy O’neill Donated $10.35

Spencer, I feel so lucky to know you and your kind heart! Thanks for all you do to impact others and raise awareness.