Leo's Lions

STEPtember 2020

We’re moving CP research forward.

We’re taking part in the STEPtember challenge to raise funds and awareness for cerebral palsy research, taking the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day for 28 days from September 1 – 28.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common childhood-onset physical disability in the world. It’s a lifelong condition, and one in 323 babies is diagnosed with CP each year. Estimated related lifetime costs exceed $1.2 million per person.

Your generosity will accelerate groundbreaking research to treat, prevent, and ultimately cure this underfunded condition. Some of these vital research projects include:

  • Training medical teams to detect cerebral palsy in babies as young as three months old, so they can get timely physical therapy.
  • Uncovering new chronic pain treatments and solutions for millions of people with CP.
  • Developing technology that will revolutionize communication for the millions of people with CP who can’t speak.

Please help us support this great cause by making a donation.  We’ll know you’ve got our back. And that will mean so much to us — and to everyone with CP.


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David Berman $5,000


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Thank you to our sponsors

01 Sep 2020

David Berman Matching Donated $5,000.00

Sincere gratitude to my Macquarie colleagues for supporting this great cause. VERY happy to match their first $5,000 of donations and fundraising.
23 Aug 2020

David Berman Donated $515.00

Supporting my boy, Leo, who I am so proud of every day.